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The history of the Yard as a hub of industry and innovation dates to 1801 when President John Adams selected the site as one of the nation's first federal shipyards. The Yard prepared thousands of ships for battle, employed countless Brooklynites, and is best remembered for launching famed ships such as the USS Arizona and USS Missouri

Navy innovators developed surgical techniques, improved supply chain technologies, enhanced navigational tools, and trained hundreds of thousands of people for industrial and manufacturing jobs.


The Yard is a nationally acclaimed leader in urban industry and innovative. The 300-acre site is continuously adaptively reused. Building 92 was opened as a visitor center that welcomes 100,000+ annually in 2011, and recent developments have added over 2M+ square feet to the campus. This new space - the Green Manufacturing Center, Building 77, Dock 72, Building 212/Wegmans, and Building 303 – allowed the Yard to surpass 10,000 workers for the first time since the Navy decommissioned the site in 1966.


The Yard believes that the industrial sector can and will flourish in New York, employing a diverse cross-section of New Yorkers in jobs that offer real career pathways. Our vision is to create a vibrant and dense, modern manufacturing community where businesses are provided the stability needed to invest, grow, and thrive.


As the Yard grows and recovers from COVID-19, we will facilitate key expansions that enable the success of our tenants and that support the stabilization and health of the industrial sector. 

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